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Y Forest School

Y Forest School | Ages 4Y - 7Y

Are your kids ready to get hands-on with the natural environment? Welcome to Y Forest School at our Camp Otonabee site in Dunrobin, just a ten minute drive from Kanata!

With over 40 acres of treed forest, open fields, and access to the Ottawa River, the Camp Otonabee site is the ideal location for our students to connect with nature, develop new skills, and engage in environmental learning, in a safe and supportive environment.  Y Forest School  incorporates outdoor, nature-based learning that focuses on the organic development of each child. Our goal is to provide life lessons and new experiences through play and organized classes in the outdoors, as often as possible. At the Y Forest School, the classroom changes often, and can be anywhere - giving students spectacular learning opportunities!

Participation in our programs require your children to be currently registered with a school program, be it in-person or online. Each parent will need to ask for an exemption from their board/school program and provide a plan for submitting their child’s assigned work. They will also be required to inform their board/school program that their child(ren) will be participating in a recreational learning program. With a certified teacher onsite, we will work through assignments with children to make it easy for families to submit their children’s work for evaluation. Please contact us at the camp office for more information!

What and how will kids learn?
  • Play based learning and unstructured play
  • Physical education, history, geography, science, etc.
  • Critical thinking
  • Social and emotional growth
  • Environmental education and awareness

The structure of each day will vary, but you can expect some of the following activities and lessons: Arts focused activities based on outdoor inspiration, outdoor exploration, nature hikes, fire building pond studies, and readings specific to the natural world. We will also take part in traditional camp activities like high/low ropes and water based experiences like canoeing and swimming. While some of these programs may seem advanced, helping children engage in safe learning around outdoor experiences helps them understand how to mitigate risk better as they grow and helps inspire them as they take part in risky play.

Y Forest School Fast Facts
  • Y Forest School is for students aged 4Y - 7Y.
  • School will run Monday to Thursday, from 8:15AM-4:30PM each day. Program is available from Sept. -  Dec., 2020.
  • Registration is on a month by month basis.
  • Ontario Certified Teachers on site managing curriculum and guiding outcomes.
  • All campers will be expected to be prepared for a full day of activities, for all weather, and with their own snacks and lunches packed.
  • Cost per session: Y Member $738, Non-Y Member $820

For answers to commonly asked questions, see our Y Camp Otonabee Fall School Program FAQs (PDF)


For more information, please contact us directly. Phone: 613-832-1234, email:

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